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Congratulations to Michael Dunlop on a stunning Senior and Superbike TT double and for setting an incredible new 133.96 mph lap record. We are proud to have Michael Dunlop, James Hillier, Martin Jessopp, Maria Costello and Horst Saiger all running on Dymag wheels at this year's TT event. 

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The Dymag Range

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We're changing the world of carbon composite wheels

Dymag is an elite, British performance wheel brand with an unparalleled history of innovation and technology in motorsport which has led the way in wheel design and production for more than four decades.

We were the first company in the world to manufacture carbon fibre wheels for both high performance cars and motorcycles certified for road as well as racing use.

This was followed by the world’s first roadworthy carbon composite wheels. We are now charging ahead with a brand new carbon composite car wheel that we believe will take the luxury and performance car wheel aftermarket, racing and OEM market by storm.

The Dymag Carbon Hybrid car wheel is a well-proven design concept and uses all the know-how and experience gained over 17 years making robust high quality carbon composite car and motorcycle wheels.  The 2 piece wheels feature a carbon composite rim or barrel fitted to a forged aluminium spoke system, with an option for even lighter forged magnesium centre.

The Dymag carbon wheel has three major advantages

  • Dramatically improved handling
  • Reduced emissions
  • They look spectacular!

The new Dymag car aftermarket wheel will be available early 2016.

The new car wheels complement our full range of carbon, aluminium and magnesium motorcycle wheels and we are also applying our carbon fibre expertise to our lightweight carbon fibre bicycle wheels.

So whether you are riding for pleasure or competing on the track, a set of lightweight Dymag racing wheels will give you a performance edge and confidence that is unique to our wheels.

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