in EU*, USA, Japan and most countries

Dymag® designed car and motorcycle racing wheels are all tested and certified to BSAU50 and JWL standards.

* Under EU law BSAU50 standards are accepted in all EU countries including  Germany, Italy and France as the result of a successful test case won by Dymag in the German Courts.

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The BOXSTROM®  Auto Wheels

The new BOXSTROM®  Carbon Hybrid Auto Wheel offers a variety of technical advantages honed from Dymag’s engineering expertise and technical knowledge.

It’s typically 40% lighter than standard cast aluminium wheels, 25% lighter than equivalent OEM forged aluminium wheels, tested to the same OEM standards, and has a 30% to 40% lower moment of inertia than aluminium cast and forged wheels.

In impact testing, which simulates lateral kerbing and driving over a kerb, the BOXSTROM®  Carbon Hybrid Auto Wheel fully meets SAE testing standards.

In strength tests the BOXSTROM®  Carbon Rim successfully achieved over 2.5m cycles on radial fatigue at loads up to 1,913kg; the 20 inch rim is tested and certified to be used for static vehicle loads of over 750kg per vehicle corner.