in EU*, USA, Japan and most countries

Dymag® designed car and motorcycle racing wheels are all tested and certified to BSAU50 and JWL standards.

* Under EU law BSAU50 standards are accepted in all EU countries including  Germany, Italy and France as the result of a successful test case won by Dymag in the German Courts.

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BOXSTROM® Auto Wheels


The BOXSTROM®  carbon barrel and BOXSTROM®  carbon hybrid 7X and newly-unveiled 7Y auto wheels are the latest and most exciting development in Dymag’s long history of innovation.


Dymag uses CNC machine forged aluminium centrepieces fastened with Titanium fasteners to the Dymag BOXSTROM®  carbon barrel to ensure a lightweight, highly durable state-of-the-art wheel.


All Dymag wheels are born from the same meticulous design process, including a thorough engineering and optimisation phase where any unnecessary material is carved away. The result is a range of wheels with a super low moment of inertia (MOI). This reduces the amount of energy required to overcome inertia, resulting in hugely boosted acceleration, braking and directional changes - or, to put it another way, greater handling.


Dymag BOXSTROM®  Carbon Hybrid Auto Wheels are typically 40% lighter than standard cast aluminium wheels, 25% lighter than equivalent OEM forged aluminium wheels, tested to the same OEM standards, and have a 30% to 40% lower moment of inertia than aluminium cast and forged wheels.