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Patent Granted for Dymag's Revolutionary New BOXSTROM® Carbon Composite Hybrid Auto Wheel

Following two years of intensive R&D working closely with the National Composites Centre (NCC) in Bristol, Dymag has been granted a full UK patent No:2541498 and with PCT coverage in over 140 countries for its ground-breaking BOXSTROM®  carbon composite wheel design.

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A World First - Dymag to Supply 24”x10” Carbon Composite Production Wheels For The Fisker EMotion EV

Dymag, Britain’s leading performance wheel manufacturer, has announced that it will be supplying what are believed to be the world’s first 24” carbon composite wheels for a commercial automobile. The wheels have been purpose designed for the groundbreaking new Fisker EMotion EV created by famed automotive designer, Henrik Fisker. The Fisker EMotion features a top speed of 161mph, emotionally stunning supercar design and an estimated electric range of more than 400 miles.

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Will my Dymag wheels fitted to my current bike fit my new bike with new spacers or other modifications?

All of our wheels are manufactured to specific applications to fit that make, model, and year of bike, it is unlikely that fitments will be interchangeable. Hub swaps are available direct from the factory and are quoted on a case by case basis.

What sprockets fit Dymag wheels?

All Dymag wheels are supplied with a Dymag standard sprocket fitment and you can purchase additional sprockets or spares through us directly or through a distributor.

What Colours can I have my Dymag wheels?

Matt black, gloss black, gloss white, gold, and gunmetal are free colours available but other colours are available subject to a surcharge and we recommend using RAL numbers to pick your colour. Please note we cannot paint our carbon fibre wheels.

What warranty do I get with my new Dymag wheels?

One full year from receipt of purchase of all labour, parts, and manufacture. This information is also included in your wheel care booklet included with every wheel we manufacture

Can my wheels be refurbished?

Yes, we offer a full refurbishment service for all our wheels; please contact us for more information and for a custom quote (See wheel refurbishment terms below)

Can I straighten my Dymag wheels?

No, we do not recommend straightening wheels because this can lead to work hardening of the material therefore affecting the fatigue life of the wheel

Can I modify my Dymag wheels or hubs?

No, any alterations or machining of the hubs or wheels can affect the quality or safety of your Dymag product and voids your warranty. We do not recommend any major modifications by anyone other than our trained manufacturing team.

Can I get spares or replacement parts for my Dymag wheels?

Yes! Small spares are listed on our website and are also available through your Dymag distributor, however larger repair jobs are required to be carried out by the Dymag wheels team and are classed as a "refurbishment".

I have a custom bike project or a modified bike that differs from the OEM specifications; can I still use Dymag wheels?

Yes! Get in touch with a distributor or us directly to enquire about getting a custom drawing done for your wheels.

Carbon Wheels

Can I have my carbon wheels painted?

We do not provide a carbon fibre painting service as we do not use lacquer on our wheels. However if you wish to have your Dymag carbon fibre wheels painted then there are independent specialists who may be able to help.

Are Dymag carbon fibre wheels safe to use on the road?

YES! All our wheels are tested to international wheel standards JWL, DOT and BS AU 50 for both race and road worldwide.

What is the difference between aluminium, magnesium, and carbon wheels?

There are lots of difference in relation to performance, read our technology section here to learn more.

How long do Dymag carbon wheels last?

Carbon fibre has an excellent fatigue life which means that over time it degrades more slowly than metallic wheels. This means that it should out last alternative materials by a large margin, and it is also not susceptible to corrosion like magnesium wheels.

How do you manufacture Dymag carbon wheels?

We use a press moulded technique which involves applying the resin to the carbon fibre in a mould, and then applying heat and pressure to create the wheel shape. The wheels are then post cured and trimmed before the specific bike model hubs are bonded in. Our hubs are bonded in with a structural aerospace grade adhesive and then move onto final assembly. Check out our technology pages here to learn more.

How much lighter are Dymag carbon wheels over O.E.M wheels?

This is variable, but as much as 40%! Check out our technology pages here to learn more and see the improvements carbon fibre wheels can make.

Why are Carbon Fibre wheels so much more expensive?

Carbon fibre is an expensive material and manufacturing carbon fibre wheels is a low volume and high skill task. All our carbon fibre wheels are made to order by a team with over 30 years’ experience of manufacturing carbon fibre wheels.

Refurbishment FAQ

Can anybody refurbish my wheels?

Yes, however we advise that refurbishment of Dymag products be carried out by our manufacturing team to ensure quality, safety, and consistency of the work being undertaken. We also provide a 6 month warranty on the workmanship carried out and can provide any spares that may be required.

Is there any special requirements for magnesium wheels?

Yes, it is particularly important when dealing with magnesium to use the correct procedures. Not following these can lead to corrosion under paintwork and structural defects that could lead to recurring maintenance costs.

Can you refurbish or repair my carbon fibre wheels?

We can offer a safety check to ensure the wheels are safe to use. Unfortunately we cannot offer any repairs to major delamination, however we can provide some advice on minor repairs prior to inspection.

What process do my wheels go through in refurbishment?

All wheels trusted to us for refurbishment will have a chemical paint strip, sandblast, and then a full crack check as standard to ensure the safety and quality of the wheel. This is then followed by a chemical protection treatment then a paint powder coating in a colour of your choice.

Can you refurbish my Dymag car wheels?

We can offer a refurbishment service for some Dymag car wheels, however these are assessed on a case by case basis as these products are no longer manufactured so spare parts may not be available. Please get in touch with us to enquire.