About Dymag

Dymag is famous for high performance car and motorcycle wheels certified for race and road use in most countries.

Ray Perkins, Psyclewerx, Bristol

I’ve had the pleasure of riding numerous top notch carbon wheels and the Dymags are amongst the very best.

I’m no lightweight at just under 15 stones and these wheels have coped with everything that I and a North Somerset winter could throw at them. Not the conditions the Dymag wheels deserve but good to know they can cope.

I’ve covered 500 plus miles on these wheels and they’ve been a delight. They’re stiff, yet compliant and comfortable. Beautifully built with quality components.

The other benefit was how well they coped with various breaking conditions – giving confidence inspiring, predictive breaking with little fuss or drama.

A great looking wheel that comes as part of a beautifully presented package.