BX Technology

DYMAG has developed a new patented technology that revolutionises wheel design.

All carbon wheel manufacturers have endeavoured to design carbon wheels by replacing “metal” with “carbon” without understanding the inherent differences in the behaviour of carbon composite materials in this most demanding of safety critical components.

DYMAG has spent the past 25 years learning and developing state of the art carbon wheels for automotive and motorcycle applications,  culminating in the latest iteration of the “BOXSTROM” or BX 2.0 design.

The BX 2.0 wheel design has been successfully developed and patented in the UK, USA and Japan, and is pending in other jurisdictions including the EU.

BX Technology offers unparalleled performance in terms of weight, stiffness, impact resistance and load distribution.

We took the time to conduct experiments to determine how the load is transferred from the rood, through the tyre into the wheel rim.  The results were unexpected and led to a complete rethink on the optimal design profile of the carbon rim.



Optimised Load Transfer into BX Carbon Rim