Utilising DYMAG’s proprietary and patented BOXSTROM profile design for maximum durability and stiffness, the BX-E and BX-F Carbon Rims (or barrels) off a wide range of sizes, applications and styling options to the Performance and Luxury OEM and Accessory Aftermarkets.

BX-E Carbon Rims

BX-E Carbon Rims are designed for OEM and Tuner programmes. 

These lightweight rims offer maximum visible carbon and extreme brake caliper clearances.  

These are only available as part of a complete wheels supplied by DYMAG or an approved manufacturing partner.

BX-F Carbon Rims

BX-F Carbon Rims are designed to be used in a wide range of applications utilising the widely used centrepieces applied to many 3 piece wheel designs, although the BX-F Hybrid wheels is actually a 2-piece wheel.  

Highly flexible for many sizes and applications, which most competent wheel companies are able to utilise.

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