Dymag BX Elite® Auto Wheels

The BX Elite® carbon barrel and BX Elite® carbon hybrid 7X and newly-unveiled 7Y auto wheels are the latest and most exciting development in Dymag’s long history of innovation.

The development of BX Elite® Auto Wheels was the result of an intensive, multimillion pound, two year R&D project in collaboration with the National Composites Centre.

The result is the BX Elite® barrel is designed to meet and surpass the highest levels of testing demanded by leading performance and luxury automotive OEMs with a particular focus on performance, safety and durability. It achieves these requirements via a number of unique design and technical features that are now fully patent protected.

The carbon composite BX Elite® barrel moves the key load bearing structure of the wheel away from areas that are most exposed to impact damage from kerbs, and driving over hard objects or significant potholes. Importantly the design also substantially improves overall wheel stiffness.

The BX Elite® carbon composite barrel is typically teamed with a bespoke high specification forged aluminium centrepiece, attached by titanium fasteners. The result is a carbon composite hybrid auto wheel that melds the benefits of cutting edge carbon composite performance with the flexibility of styling and stiffness offered by forged aluminium.

This is even more important as wheels continually get bigger: the low weight of the carbon barrel also significantly reduces the moment of inertia reducing the energy to accelerate and brake the large rotating wheel, while maintaining high lateral stiffness of total hybrid wheel system.

Dymag BX Elite®  Carbon Hybrid Auto Wheels are typically 40% lighter than standard cast aluminium wheels, 25% lighter than equivalent OEM forged aluminium wheels, tested to the same OEM standards, and have a 30% to 40% lower moment of inertia than aluminium cast and forged wheels.

What does this mean to you? BX Elite® Auto Wheels improve every element of the driving experience: faster acceleration, sharper braking and vastly improved road handling, as well as improving fuel economy and the range of performance EV vehicles.


Latest BX-E Range Update


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