BX Elite® 7X

Imagine a wheel that defies convention, stirs emotion and gives you the ultimate driving experience.

Well, let us point you in the direction of the BX Elite®  Carbon Hybrid 7X Auto Wheel, launched to critical acclaim at SEMA2016.

The wheel is typically 40% lighter than standard cast aluminium wheels, 25% lighter than equivalent OEM forged aluminium wheels and with up to 30-40% lower moment of inertia than those wheels.

Now established as one of the must-have accessories for all types of high performance cars, the 7X is designed to be light in weight, durable and stylish.

As with all of our wheels, the much-sought-after 7X is crafted from the finest materials, using state-of-the-art engineering expertise and technical know-how. And you won’t go short of admirers. Make a set of 7Xs that final accessory to your car.