BX Elite® 7Y

A true head-turner, the new BX Elite®  7Y Carbon Hybrid auto wheel is typically 40% lighter than standard cast aluminium wheels, 25% lighter than equivalent OEM forged aluminium wheels and with up to 30-40% lower moment of inertia than those wheels.

These stylish ultra-light and ultra-strong Dymag BX Elite®  Carbon Hybrid 7Y auto wheels will revolutionise your driving experience.

The BX Elite®  7Y Carbon Hybrid wheel has been designed with the benefit of more than four decades of specialist experience of lightweight wheel technology for both cars and bikes.

Built for strength and lightness to enhance performance, the 7Y offers a new-style to the established and stunning BX Elite®  range.

Appealing, stylish and dynamic, you’ll get more than a few admiring glances for those stunning wheels.


Technical Specifications

Carbon Composite, forged aluminium, titanium

Race and Road


Available sizes:
19 x 8.0” / 19 x 9.0” / 20 x 9.0” / 20 x 9.5” / 20 x 10.5” / 20 x 11.0” / 20 x 11.5” / 20 x 12.0” / 21 x 12.5”

More sizes being added, please get in touch with us if you require a different size

Available P.C.Ds:
4, 5, 6 hole and all available Centrelock

STANDARD Anthracite Grey / Satin Black / Metallic Silver
PREMIUM Metallic Bronze / Metallic Gold / Metallic Red / Gloss Black / Gloss White / Custom Paint


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