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BX-E Carbon Rim Technology

DYMAG has developed a new patented technology that revolutionises wheel design.

All carbon wheel manufacturers have endeavoured to design carbon wheels by replacing “metal” with “carbon” without understanding the inherent differences in the behaviour of carbon composite materials in this most demanding of safety critical components.

DYMAG has spent the past 25 years learning and developing state of the art carbon wheels for automotive and motorcycle applications,  culminating in the latest iteration of the “BOXSTROM” or BX 2.0 design.

The BX 2.0 wheel design has been successfully developed and patented in the UK, USA and Japan, and is pending in other jurisdictions including the EU.

BX Technology offers unparalleled performance in terms of weight, stiffness, impact resistance and load distribution.

We took the time to conduct experiments to determine how the load is transferred from the rood, through the tyre into the wheel rim.  The results were unexpected and led to a complete rethink on the optimal design profile of the carbon rim.



Optimised Load Transfer into BX Carbon Rim

The BX-F for Aftermarket and Tuner Applications


Dymag supplies a range of advanced modular BX-F carbon rims to the global premium performance and luxury wheel industry for integration into their product portfolios. 

Established wheel companies, auto tuners and niche OEM auto manufacturers can now all offer their customers a range of exclusively styled and branded carbon hybrid wheels utilising Dymag’s state-of-the-art BX-F technology, shortening time to market by using Dymag’s proven safe technology on short lead time at a much-reduced cost.

The BX-F carbon rim benefits from all the patented safety and performance benefits of the ground-breaking BX Elite (BX-E) – already an established performance upgrade option for many leading OE supercars – but with far greater versatility in centrepiece styling options.

As well as stunning looks, the BX-F uses our patented technology that has passed the most stringent OEM performance and durability tests. It is also certified in applications to SAE/DOT; JWL and British Standards, and now meets the new TÜV carbon wheel test standards.

The Dymag BX-F is now available to tuners and wheel companies looking to supercharge their wheel portfolios with a significant performance upgrade through three innovative partnership models:

Dymag design under licence
Complete BX-F wheels are available in several Dymag designs can be licensed and co-branded
Client bespoke design
Dymag can work with partners who want a bespoke centrepiece design and coordinate manufacturing, assembly, testing, certification and distribution
Rim only supply contract
For those organisations with inhouse design and manufacturing capabilities, Dymag provides a rim only partnership
For more information and details about these options, please contact sales@dymag.com

Why Carbon Hybrid Auto Wheels?


Carbon hybrid rims reduce unsprung weight by up to 40% compared to forged aluminium OEM options. With a strong, lightweight rim and aluminium centrepiece, this also moves the mass to the centre of the wheel when in motion, improving all aspects of driving experience.


With a lighter rotating mass comes improved performance. Carbon hybrid rims require less energy to get the wheel moving and when changing direction, so faster acceleration and game-changing road handling. The lightweight technology also improves braking, meaning better performance without compromising safety.


Our BX Elite and BX-F have been developed with OEMs and exceed even the strictest OEM safety and durability tests, far tougher than anything in the aftermarket.


As the integrity of the carbon hybrid rim is so strong, we can use a lightweight forged aluminium centre that can be designed into a wide range of styles, colours and finishes. Twinned with the stunning exposed carbon of the rim, this offers a beautiful wheel with extraordinary performance and unlike anything else available in the aftermarket.



BX-F rim weights:


*20 x 9.5 is a lightweight lower rated high clearance front wheel for sports cars using ceramic brakes 

The Collaboration Models


The three partnership models offer complete versatility and peace of mind to those looking to introduce this game-changing technology to their customers:

Dymag design under licence

The customer can licence and co-brand the BX-F with one of Dymag’s pre-approved centrepiece designs. This would suit brands who want to enter the market with their own branded product without any upfront design, development and certification costs.

Client bespoke design

The customer can work with Dymag on a bespoke BX-F centrepiece design. This would be provided to Dymag or one of our manufacturing partners to design and manufacture the entire wheel exclusively, including testing and certification. The client will be charged a design fee and certification costs for the centrepiece only.

Rim only supply contract

Customers with proven in-house wheel engineering capability can design and produce their own centrepieces and fit to pre-certified BX-F carbon rims purchased from Dymag directly or via one of our approved distributors.

Please contact sales@dymag.com


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