24” Wheels For Fisker EMotion EV

Dymag, Britain’s leading performance wheel manufacturer, has announced that it will be supplying what are believed to be the world’s first 24” carbon composite wheels for a commercial automobile. The wheels have been purpose designed for the groundbreaking new Fisker EMotion EV created by famed automotive designer, Henrik Fisker. The Fisker EMotion features a top speed of 161mph, emotionally stunning supercar design and an estimated electric range of more than 400 miles.

Dymag - 24" Fisker Wheels

The 24” x 10” carbon wheel weighs in at 15.2kg vs. 20.9kg for a same size cast aluminium wheel of similar static load capacity – an unsprung weight saving of 27%. The moment of inertia is also approximately 20% lower than reference wheels, which means less power is required to accelerate and brake.

The beautiful and unique spoke styling by Henrik Fisker; combined with the high tech patented Dymag BOXSTROM®  carbon barrel represents a breakthrough innovation in wheel design and technology.

The BOXSTROM®  features a unique rim profile that improves overall wheel stiffness and increases impact resistance by protecting the core barrel structure and optimising the transfer of tyre load into the wheel barrel. In independent tests to SAE J2530, the new wheels easily surpassed the static load design target of 585 kg, and then subsequently withstood a further 50% overload to 900kg without failing.

Chris Shelley, CEO of Dymag, said:

“The high performance car and motorcycle industry have long been convinced by the performance and handling benefits demonstrated in elite motorsport, where Dymag has more than 40 years experience.

“What is new, is that we are seeing the entire automotive industry aggressively embracing the light-weighting of vehicles, not only to improve handling performance, but also to reduce hydrocarbon emissions and extend electric vehicle range.

“Accordingly, world leading engineers and designers like Henrik Fisker have lightweight, but highly durable wheels, very high on their list of components. This applies as much to a large family SUV or luxury car as a lightweight supercar.

“The Dymag BOXSTROM® barrel is designed to meet the evolving needs of OEM and aftermarket tuners to meet highly challenging weight reduction targets, while maintaining adherence to stringent OEM testing requirements that are significantly tougher than the general aftermarket requires.”

Henrik Fisker, Chairman of Fisker Inc. and designer of the EMotion, said:

“I first looked at the wheel supplier options for the Fisker EMotion last year at SEMA, and it quickly become clear only Dymag had the experience and capability to meet our requirements for a beautiful, lightweight and strong 24” wheel. It was an easy decision. I am equally delighted with the progress we have made on the wheel development and Dymag’s ability to deliver this programme in time for our formal launch which is coming soon.” 

To learn more, visit www.FiskerInc.com