Partnering with Dymag BX-F


The three partnership models offer complete versatility and peace of mind to those looking to introduce this game-changing technology to their customers:

Dymag design under licence

The customer can licence and co-brand the BX-F with one of Dymag’s pre-approved centrepiece designs. This would suit brands who want to enter the market with their own branded product without any upfront design, development and certification costs.

Client bespoke design

The customer can work with Dymag on a bespoke BX-F centrepiece design. This would be provided to Dymag or one of our manufacturing partners to design and manufacture the entire wheel exclusively, including testing and certification. The client will be charged a design fee and certification costs for the centrepiece only.

Rim only supply contract

Customers with proven in-house wheel engineering capability can design and produce their own centrepieces and fit to pre-certified BX-F carbon rims purchased from Dymag directly or via one of our approved distributors.

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